To transform a warehouse into the Armazém.
Long short story

In 2005 Raquel e Batata Cerqueira Gomes opened the Armazém, situated in the nº 93 at Miragaia street. For those who are more distract is right in front of the Alfândega do Porto building.

Here you’ll be able to find antiquite shops, vintage pieces, a space dedicated to art display, a common area – perfect to socialize – a bar and a terrace. A place where everything is up for sale and where you can even take your pet with you.
This is the Armazém, welcome.

Bar & Terrace

Here you have at your disposal a list of drinks ideal to match perfectly with our snacks variety.


We have 6 different stores for you to visit where you can find that unique vintage piece which will make you remember your childhood.


We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves art lovers if we didn’t have a space where everyone is welcome to exhibit their art works.


With a 1500m2 area what we don’t lack is space to organize your event or your special gathering.


Travel through the unparalleled world of junk and antiques
and where you can find a common area, a bar and an enviable terrace, perfect for finishing a day’s work.


Common Area

In our common area you’ll be able to socialize while you wait for your drink or snack. Besides, in this same space there’s a special area reserved for art exhibition. But what really makes Armazém a unique place is that every single object inside it is for sale, even the couch or table where you’ll sitting at.


With a menu based on sandwiches, salads and mixed boards (cheese and different types of sausages) there’s also a list of drinks where you can find anything from natural juices to a great selection of wines which will certainly be to your taste.


If you’re looking for that unique space in Porto to organize your business event or a special celebration we surely have what you’re looking for, contact us for more information.



    Any queries or questions please don’t hesitate and contact us!


    Rua de Miragaia, 93
    4050-387 Porto


    +351 222 011 702
    +351 924 435 124
    +351 918 511 959.