The R&B is a space filled with objects acquired during the adventures of its owners Raquel e Batata around the world.
Result of their passion for antiques and travel, each piece was carefully selected by them. From furniture, luggage, illumination to scales and crockery, around here there’s a bit of everything. Each piece with its own story and charm, each awaiting their next owner, awaiting for the next chapter of their adventure.

Mercadoria de Garagem

What began as a way to get rid of “junk” accumulated around the garage and helping friends selling this or that, started growing and with time became something else, became Mercadoria de Garagem. Nowadays, between miniatures, small and large articles, there’s no telling where the business begins and the passion ends…but there is passion, there’s no question.

Eu e Elas

The passion for antiques and vintage pieces started at an early age for the at the time young woodworker apprentice. Passion which kept growing during his stay in Porto during his military service, what led him to regularly visit second hand bookshops and stores, whenever he had a chance. Time passed and the curiosity to see the articles as they were at their prime, prompted him to start restoring them, a hobby which later turned into a way of life, thus originating the store “Eu e Elas”.

"Sem nome"

What for years was an unwanted relationship with accumulated “old stuff” over time quickly became an acquired taste, which brought new friendships, a new spirit and a new space. Nowadays, without the “Sem nome” and its special essence the lives of owner, customers and friends would not be the same.

Tempos de Ontem

Their adventure at Armazém started very early, since the very first antique fair, organized by Armazém’s mentors. It was love at first sight. The owners of ‘Tempos de Ontem’ were invited by Batata and Raquel and after the invitation, there was no hesitation, they immediately said yes. Because of the story behind Armazém it’s a true pleasure to be part of this family.